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On bloggers, oversharing, talking ’bout my generation

I’m a bad blogger. I know it. Guilty as charged.

Two days ago I read an article that blogger, Emily Gould, wrote in the Times Magazine. Summary – she used to be an editor on Gawker, she had a very public relationship with one of her coworkers and an even more public breakup thanks to the online world, a botched up TV interview with Jimmy Kimmel, where he told her she’d go to hell for writing about him … watch for yourself

… her life spiraled somewhat out of control etc. In some ways I could sympathize and in others, well … I guess I finally found out why I’m such a bad blogger… I’m not much of a sharer, and when I do share, it takes a mighty long time before I hit that send button. I think, does this really need to be out there? Am I just looking down my navel–do I need to write this in my diary and not on this blog? Most of all I figured, I’m a very private person. (Why do i have a blog, you might ask? I’m a 20 something! It’s fashionable. j/k! seriously, you can have a blog and not reveal a thing about yourself… I guess.)

Here’s the article:

The comments people left are so vitriolic, I wonder if she’s regretted putting herself on that cover page. What I find intriguing is that, as of today, the fifth most read article on the Times website. People have commented: there are people dying in Burma and in China, the US is in an election year. I’ll add on to that: Darfur, Zimbabwe, South Africa’s “foreigners,” Mali, I live in Senegal … Casamance is a ticking time bomb. True, true, true. Basically, the commenters are telling poor Emily to get a life and telling off the NY Times Magazine for dedicating its front page to the ramblings of a self-absorbed 20-something. So why is the article so popular? I guess people are more voyeuristic than they’re prepared to admit, reading into Emily’s life. And I think she’s talking about a basic human need – the need to understand people no matter how we’re relating to them, even if it is via IM, a blog, or face-to-face.

I think her article was great because it raises some important cultural and generational questions. It spoke to what our generation has become. Par exemple, as much as I like my privacy I am on facebook (though, I like to think that on FB, I have a limited community of people I’m interacting with). I put up pictures of myself, I send people “public emails,” I put status updates saying I’m sad, or I did X thing or Y thing. People post not-so-private things on my wall, that I sometimes have to delete, in case, gasp, that person saw it… Why do I do it? I don’t know, but it’s wholly addictive – this exercise in exhibitionism and voyeurism. Why is this generation so quick to share our personal lives?

Coming to think of it, though, in some ways, for thousands of years, writers and novelists have done what Emily and other bloggers do. Blogs, facebook etc are just “new” platforms for projecting words/works/feelings/art/explanations for what this world is/attempts to understand human relationships. And what’s amazing is that now anyone can do that — writing or dare-I-say creation, is no longer limited to trained scribes who guard the secrets of the world in their cabals.

The roman a clef, diaries that get turned into bestsellers, heck, even newspapers, have done (oops! do) exactly what Emily blogs about. She writes about people using code names, she writes about her feelings, she’s a cultural critic and it all comes in one package. I have to say I’m with Emily on this one (except for exposing her friends in that article, like she did Henry… Josh, deserved it – karma, yo! — and it’s kind of crazy how I’m referring to all these people with their first names, even though they do not know who the heck I am). I’m all for evolution, and this is what our world is becoming–smaller, tiny clicks away. We have to embrace these changes, and figure out how they can be used to stop us killing each other off because we have different skin colors or reach God (or don’t) through different ways.

And I’m about to click … send. Send my ramblings off into the world.

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New Country, same old me

As in same ol’ procrastinatin’ me. I’m in Senegal! Working on a book. The book, as I tell everyone who cares to listen, is a heavy, overweight baby. Lil ol’ me is struggling! It’s been a dream I’ve had for a long time, so it’s great. I just procrastinate so much, I might as well channel my energy into managing this blog, eh?

I left NYCee September last year, after a teary farewell with Ms. C and all my loved ones, hangers on etc. It was hard for me to leave a place I had settled comfortably into. A place where I was 100% moi. A place of many firsts, many lasts, craziness, total awesomeness! I really loved that city. I still peek at my New York pics every now and then and get the hugest pangs of nostalgia. Sigh! One day, my love, I’ll come back to thee.

Now, to Senegal! I guess I blend right in, here too. I have a “Sahelian look” apparently – coffee bean colored skin, sticks for legs, quite height-advantaged. I’ll tell you the story of how I ended here another day. Let’s just say, I’m trying to still be myself, even though I live in a predominantly Muslim country. (Tough, huh?) I’m not too crazy, so, so far it’s working… Some people love that I have “napturally coily” hair and not the ever-present weaves or wigs most Senegalese women work. Others think I show too much skin. And here’s another, that I’m rude. “Impolie,” they say. I’m warming up to Senegal (and it, to me). I might start job-hunting here soon (mother dearest, pretend you didn’t see that), so that must say a lot for the country huh?

Okey dokey, must re-read a chapter… so have to cut off this lovely monologue. Toodles!

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Brooklyn Love

At several social events I’ve been asked the where do you live in New York question.

My response: Williamsburg.

Questioner’s usual reaction: Ooooh.

At a thing – can’t remember what – in Fort Greene, in Brooklyn, some man accosted me and told me I lived in Bushwick.  Not one to live such things down, I decided to do research. Technically I live in East Williamsburg, which is a sore point for locals who say the nabe is Bushwick, and its called E. Williamsburg to lure in developers yadda yadda yadda. I like the ‘Bushburg’ name I came across I think it was in the Brooklyn Paper.

Any way, so just as I am about to leave New York and Bushburg, I discover the cool places hidden in my nabe – in Bushwick (Morgantown to some). To many they’re probably ooold spots, but I feel like I’ve been cheated, after almost nine months of living here, I find out there’s a whole world of cafes – Life Cafe, Potion etc etc. And I found myself trekking into the city or Bedford ave. whenever my writer’s block needed curing – which was/is ALL THE TIME! (I’m not a hipster, but there’s something abt being around around other artists/creatives (wanna-bes and the real deals) that inspires me). Do I feel Bushwick pride now?? I dunno, but I’ll definitely be hitting up my neighborhood spots in the two months I have left.

Check out More Bushwick info /livin’ / lovin’

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Bespectacled architect type at random barbecue: Say something sexy in French

Self-proclaimed depressed one to french host peeing off his own rooftop: Comment on dit “depressed” en francais?

French host: deprime

S.P.D.O, obviously under the influence of something: Okay architect, je suis imprimee

French host: Non, DEPRIMEE. Et ca je ne croix pas

S.P.D.O: Oh ok. But I am depressed.

— overheard, and perhaps participated in, in New York

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Changes and movies

So, two years in New York are drawing to a close. I’m filled with mixed emotions. I’ve seen a lot in New York, but I don’t think I’ve really put my stamp on it. Big changes are coming on in the next months, and I don’t know where I’ll end up, but as a wanderer at heart, I’m not too worried. I found this article, haven’t read it completely yet, but the first two lines (yes that’s all I’ve read *blushing*) capture my present state of being:
I’ll read it and see if it holds true to my life… (update: so I’m so smart I posted the last page of the article… Any way that was the most apt to ma vie de present, so yeah… )

I have to find one of those “things to do in New York” lists and mark off what I’ve done and try to do as much as I haven’t in the next three or four months.

One of my feats (and I’m quite proud of this one), was satisfying my movie-watching thirst. As insatiable as the thirst is, I have tried. These are movies that New York introduced me to, which have seriously changed my outlook on life (listed in no order, some I saw my first week in the NYC in 2005, some I should have watched years ago, but didn’t, all I found beautiful, some disturbing others just so real…):

Igby goes down
Amores Perros
Last King of Scotland
Notes on a scandal
La mala educacion
Lost and delirious
Dave Chapelle’s block party
Claire’s Knee
Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
Everything is Illuminated
The devil wears prada
The Departed
Hustle & Flow
Fanny & Alexander
The dreamers
Sin City
Do the right thing
Taxi Driver
Chungking express
Wicker Park
Little Miss Sunshine
Interview with the Vampire
Sex & Lucia
The Other Side of the Bed
Shut up & sing
The Namesake
American History X
La Vie en Rose
Boys Don’t Cry
The Believer


I’ll be adding more as I remember. So much more to watch, so little time. recommendations welcome.

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Ghana Boy

Here’s one Ghanaian bwoi doing his thang. Go M.anifest, go M.anifest, go:

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ARHA’s Casablanca and Djigi-Djigi

The start of a travelogue on Morocco. That’s going to be the next place I visit – hopefully this year:

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Grass wars

A peek of sunshine, and New York bares it all. It was fun trying to find a patch of grass to sit on.


Did I mention every one was out to play?

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Luda meets MJ n co

 Pretty kuul.

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